Duty management system for specials and volunteers

Why use ESIBS?

Flexible and Customisable

Personalise your system by adding your own crest or logo and set your own attributes to suit your force’s needs. Customise everything from duty types, activity and locations, to ranks and training requirements.

Effective Communication Tool

Send and receive notifications on upcoming events by email or SMS messaging. Our system also provides a great central hub for any documents, forms and policies officers may require access to.

Easy Report Generator

The report generator function delivers fast and accurate results. An easy to use central dashboard will enable you to see duty hours for any or all officers and view what activity was carried out whilst on duty.

Internal systems and outside software have never been able to deliver our exacting requirements. However, ESIBS has delivered this and much more as well. It has exceeded our expectations in delivery, training and support from the outset with a highly professional and speedy resolution to any queries.

West Mercia Police